Poly Welding Services

About HDPE fabrication and Poly welding

The team at Burtin understand the importance of customer satisfaction, achieving this through professional high quality services. Burtin run a modern fleet of track and conventional welders with live data logging software, keeping you up to date with your projects progression.  


Onsite Poly Welding Services

Offering the following poly welding services. Enquire today!

Pipe butt welding 50mm to 800mm

-Air lines
-Slurry and tailings lines
-Surface and Underground dewatering lines
-Chemical dosing lines
-Sewer and water rising mains
-Irrigation and water transfer lines
-Suction and delivery lines

Extrusion welding

-Poly tank modifications
-Launder and chute repairs
- Dam lining repairs

Electrofusion welding

-16mm to 630mm
-Branch and tapping saddles

Wedge Welding

-Irrigation channel lining
-Dam liners
-Bio reactor liners

Internal debeading

Workshop based Fabrication Services

No matter the Fabrication requirement we have you covered including:

Quality assurance

We pride ourselves on the best quality assurance practices including: